Friday, August 17, 2007

The Highlight of My Trip

I went whitewater rafting with Cute Sister and her family this last week. I was on Mommy Vacation and it was awesome. I had an hour and a half of peaceful silence to study scriptures, pray, and contemplate life every morning. I wrote in my journal every night. I was spiritually rejuvenated (which is why I went on the trip).

There were a lot of great moments out there. When we hit that set of rapids exactly right and Brother was nearly looking straight down; when we watched the meteor shower and one shot halfway across the sky leaving a tail even after the meteor had burned out; when I got to take my nephew, Slugger Jr. (3), to the library and out to ice cream; when I went with Mom and Aunt to a double header of movies; when I got Brother engaged in a real life conversation-


the highlight of the trip was far and away getting to witness/participate in the following conversation:

Slugger Jr.(3): "Dad, what do girls have?"
Brother: Oh crap! Is this going where I think it's going? "Uhhhhmmmmm..."
Slugger Jr.(3): "What do girls have?"
Brother: "Weeelll- what do boys have?"
Slugger Jr.(3): "Boys have a PENIS."
Brother: Damn. I knew it. Any chance I can die right here before having to say THAT word? Nope. Okay. "Girls have a vagina."
Slugger Jr.(3): "Right. Girls have a bagina."
Brother: "Yeah, except it's VUH-gina. With a VUH VUH "V". Like vvviolin."
Me: Oh, a chance to save him! Quick change the subject! "Hey Little Einsteins like violins!"
Slugger Jr.(3): "Yeah. Like Little Einsteins. Like dragons."
Brother: ???????
Slugger Jr.(3): "And like kites."
Brother and Me: ???????????
Slugger Jr.(3): "And kites and dragons. The Little Einsteins."
Brother: (Understanding dawning-) "Ohhh. Like China?!"
Slugger Jr.(3): "Yeah! Like Little Einsteins. Girls have a china."
Brother: "China is a place where a whole bunch of people live."

Me: (Face turning red with more silent, hysterical laughter)- "Not this one." China. Hilarious. Wait a second- "Grandma's china is blue."
Brother and Me: more laughter
Slugger Jr.: (Seeing the swing not getting pushed due to adults who seem to be sharing their own private conversation.) "Hey. I like to get high."

You can't make this stuff up.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Donzerlee Light

The other day I went to Weight Watchers. Little People stayed with Mother-In-Law. When I got home we went to the Visitor's Center at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. We went into a rotunda that has a beautiful statue of the Savior and the ceiling has stars and planets painted on it. Mr. Yuke sat still for 7 whole seconds and then said, "Can we go now?" I, knowing there would be a recorded narration in a few moments said, "No. We need to wait. There is going to be some talking in a minute."

PAUSE. Wheels turning. Light dawning. "Wait. Is this WAIT WATCHERS?'


"Oh. Because you said we have to wait so I thinked this was weight watchers."