Monday, October 22, 2007

HUNT AND PECK: In Case You Were Wondering

If you ever have frozen cinnamon rolls and you're getting ready to bake them and they're stuck together and you think you'll just pry them apart with a sharp knife even though your mom always told you NOT to use knives that way- don't. Your mom was right. In case you were wondering.

On a related note- I will be taking a little hiatus from blogging until at least Nov. 3rd when the surgeon allows me to remove splint, bandages, and stitches. (Your mom was REALLY right.) (Also- I am really stupid.) Severed 2 tendons and a nerve. Will be having PT and OT for several months. Ever tried to change a diaper one-handed? Someday I will have something funny to say about that.


Roger, Tiffany & Michael said...

Oh no, I hope everything turns out okay! I can't imagine changing diapers with one hand! Hang in there!

smunchie said...

So what's worse, having your hand hurt or having to say your mother was right? I hope you're feeling better!