Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Turtlenecks, PLEASE

We sat down to dinner on Sunday night and Husband asked everyone to share with the family one thing they had learned at church, just like we always do. When we got to Mr.Yuke(5), he said, "I don't know."
Me: You don't remember? Well how were your new teachers?
Mr.Yuke(5): I don't remember. BUT! GUESS!WHAT!?"
Husband: What?
Mr.Yuke(5): My teacher wears shirts that show her boobs!
Husband and me trying to frown disapprovingly at this possibility while not saying anything in response so as not to turn "boobs" into a hot dinner topic for the next fortnight.
Me: Hmm.
Mr.Yuke(5): It comes all the way down to here and they just stick right out.
(I will say in the woman's defense that she had a baby two days after I had T.Tiny(1m) and she is nursing so this was probably not her fault. I'm sure she is a very modest woman.)
Me looking at LittleMommy(10): And THAT is why we dress modestly. When you don't, people NOTICE.


The Coolest Allen Family said...

I am so looking for his teacher on Sunday!
Since we now also teach the 5 year olds I will make sure mine are properly covered!

Demand More said...

Haha, that's awesome! Im sure the poor chick is just trying to squeeze those monsters into a non- nursing top. I love how kids notice everything.

Kim said...

Little eyes are always watching, aren't they? Thanks for the laugh.

Cassadie said...

This makes me think of the few weeks when I went back to work after having Jack. I swear the students must have noticed how my boobs would swell up like balloons in the morning and then look "magically" deflated after my lunchtime pumping session. At least they never said anything to my face (they must have saved it for the dinner table!)

Sarah said...

At least you were able to turn it into a teaching moment! Ha, ha, ha! It would have been REALLY tough to keep a straight face for that one.

I can't possible imagine how hard it is for you to "get your blog on" with all you have going on, but it sure is nice to have you back!!

2009 is gonna be GREAT!