Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Flour Girls and Dough Boys: Update and Pics

Someone emailed me cell phone pictures of the bakery. I added them to my other post.

Also, I forgot to mention some important things before.
  • They have free Wi-Fi
  • The employees are all absolutely wonderful. The customer service is first-rate (as are the samples!) and they remember you.
  • I get nothing from that place for telling you how great they are. It is totally in self-interest. I love going there and I want them to stay open, ergo- I'm telling you it's worth your time. : )


Cam and Kristy said...

I'm noy buying it. They are giving you free food, aren't they? You should write them a commercial and maybe you will get paid for your lip service.

Not quite the Bradys said...

Ha Ha! They would've given the tiny slice of bread to me even if I hadn't blogged about them. They'll give you one too. You should go there.

Cam and Kristy said...

Yes, I will have to go there. The way you make it sound, it could be considered a fourth degree of glory. If heaven were a bakery/cafe...