Monday, March 31, 2008

Hail The Conquering Hero

Yep. Husband was out of town ALL LAST WEEK. And I survived. You can hail me now. Ha ha. I obviously didn't have time to get on the ol' blog seein' as how the rugrats were runnin' me ragged. I held Family Home Evening, got the house clean (mostly), hosted my book group, and dished out the consequences when they became necessary. But I did not have time to turn on the computer. Here are some of the things I would have blogged about:

A Walk To Remember
Kryptonite(11mo) decided to become a full-fledged person this week. She has not been interested in holding hands and walking, cruising around the furniture, or anything like that. Then Wednesday she was sitting in the kitchen on the floor looking around when she got a look on her face. She stood up without holding onto anything and just walked away. She crossed the entire room (about 10 feet) before she dropped down and started crawling again. She turned and gave us all a smug smile that said, "You guys think you're ALL THAT."
She's been walking ever since.

Brotherly Love
Mr. Yuke(4): Up there in the road! I one it-I two it-I three it-I four it-I five it-I six it-I seven it-I ATE IT!!!
Then, speaking to Monster Truck(2):
You one it-you two it-you three it-you four it-you five it-you six it-you seven it-YOU ATE IT!!!
You ate the cake and ice cream, and I ate a bowl of poop!!!!
Isn't that sweet? Is there a more selfless example of brotherly love?

Doin' It Like Fred Flintstone
I went bowling Friday night with some crazy muchachas. Their approach to bowling (since we all stink at it) is whoever gets the high score on the round gets to tell everyone how they have to bowl the next round. The Fred Flintstone twinkle toes manuever made an appearance, but my favorite was when they had us lay down on our backs and granny roll the ball from our heads. Mine guttered (that was my groove for the night) but a couple people got strikes and spares that way! I'm happy to report there were no serious bowlers there because I'm sure they would have felt we were unworthy to wear bowling shoes. And if you think it through for a second, that is really insulting.

The good news is that once again, we looked good enough to come home to. Husband came home, and like the conquering hero he is, gave me a two-day neck massage. (I had built up a wee bit of tension. : ) )
Welcome home, Lovey!


Regan said...

I call my husband Lovey, too!

Angela said...

Strike baby!!!

Cassadie said...

A few things:
First of all, can we go bowling next time you are here?
Secondly, I'm sending you the book. It will probably take at least as long as it did last time for me to make it to the post office, though.
Lastly, I blogged about you and thought you should know that I think you are amazing!!

Kim said...

Welcome back. So glad you made it through the week, not just survived it but pulled it out beautifully. I am seriously impressed.

Tiffany said...

I'm glad you made it till your husband came home. And that's my kinda bowling!

Tiercy said...

love the commentary on the bowling. I was even more fun to be a part of it! Have you checked out my husbands blog lately? If not, you need to. ha You made it, you've made you debut appearance on there plus you're tagged.

Not quite the Bradys said...

(Do you hate being called "Cass" the way I hate being called "Shorten-my-name"?)
YES! It's a date! But only if there is a bowling alley with bumpers because, as sad as this is to say, it is actually cheaper to pay for everyone to bowl than to hire a babysitter. : )(And while I'm on that- where the H%@! was I when they were making up rates for babysitting? Boy did I get ripped off when I was a teenager.)
Thanks! Do you want me to send you some money for it? I'm really looking forward to reading it.
Awwww.... Thank you! I'm not that amazing. But I appreciate the compliment nonetheless.

How are you feeling? Getting any sleep? Is Hubby home for good or is he back there again?

Thanks for the heads-up!