Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I haven't posted in a while. I have been sleeping. On top of the morning sickness I have a bladder and kidney infection. I've been sleeping a lot. Also, when I have morning sickness, life becomes very UNfunny.

I'm going to Women's Conference this week so I won't be posting for a few days.


Mr.Yuke(4): I have muscles. (flexes)
Me: Those are your bones; your ribs.
Mr.Yuke(4): BUT- I call them my biggest muscles in the entire world. ("flexes" his ribcage at me)


ThePinkiest(5): Mommy, Antarctica is at the tippy bottom of the earth.


Me noticing it has suddenly gotten quiet: What are you guys doing?
Me: Mr.Yuke(4), MonsterTruck(2), Come in here.
Mr.Yuke(4): What?
Me: What were you guys doing?
Mr.Yuke(4): Ummmmm.... Just looking at this. (Holds up the arm of a Star Wars figure.)
Me dubious: That's all?
Mr.Yuke(4): Yeah.
MonsterTruck(2): We dis' hidin' our pwetzels.
Mr.Yuke(4): GROAN!!!! MonsterTruck(2), why did you do that?
Mr.Yuke(4): exasperated sigh.


The next day-
Mr.Yuke(4): Daddy! Daddy! We got you birthday presents! Come in so you can open your presents of ties and chocolate!!!
TheRestofUs: Mr.Yuke(4), you're not supposed to tell what's in the presents!
Mr.Yuke(4): Oh. (Turns to dad-) I was just kidding. Open your presents and see what's in them.


Lindsey said...

Are you going to blogapalooza tonight??? You SHOULD! It is with all these women!!! It would be so much fun! Do you need info? Or did you get it?

Tiercy said...

Oh, you must share the enlightenment that you got at Women's Conference. I am so happy you got to go and sad that I didn't. Another year...

Kelly said...

Lovely...that's kinda like the time when I got pregnant with my first and my mother decided to say "Congrats new daddy!" before I even got to tell him I was prego. yeah...good times...good times...

Kritter Krit said...

Where are you? Are you still conferencing...or deep in morning sickness hell? Hope you're okay. Come back! (Shane.)

Not quite the Bradys said...

No, I'm back from the conference. I am almost done with morning sickness I think but between that, the end of the school year, and trying to finish up the food storage before the country burns up all the lasagna I haven't had time to blog. Updates are coming soon, I promise! It's nice to know someone notices/cares. : )