Friday, April 11, 2008

Max Gets Abused

Last night it snowed (yet again) in This Place That I Live. In the midst of the snowstorm which had winds gusting at least 40mph (and I'd say it was more like double that from the sound of it), SOMEONE(S) came to my house and abused Max.

There were several LOUD CRASHES, but I first attributed these to the wind and then to the teenagers who frequently assail my kids' playground equipment in the night-time. I was wrong.

Y'all are lucky Husband was so absorbed in taxes. Any other night of the year you probably woulda turned around and had a gun in yo' face. Not that we can't take a joke. I'm just sayin' is all.
The question is- were the perpetrators the Notorious SMM (Soccer Mom Mafia)? Or just some pathetic wannabees? If you haven't gone through the rigorous initiation, don't be doin' our moves. (And if the SMM did this, why wasn't I invited? You think I'm above saran wrapping my own car?) : )
MonsterTruck(2): A Ba'Guy Tied "or" car up. Why a Ba'Guy tie up "or" car? It's dis' a ba'guy. Or Daddy. Jis' a Ba'Guy or Daddy. Iss dis' a Ba'Guy or Daddy. (then decisively:) Or Daddy.
Husband- Why are you tying up Max?


Kelly said...

I think they were trying to keep it safe from burglars like mine.:)

Anonymous said...

It was not anyone trying to be a wanna be. It was part of the MAKK Mama's. We are friendly rivals of the SMM, so they best not be messin.

The Coolest Allen Family said...

I am scared that there are two rival gangs in our neighborhood!

Sadly, I bet neither one will let me join!