Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Conspiracy Theory: Credit Cards and Going Orange

Ok, it's not my usual type of post, but I'm going to say it.

The economy is in a nose-dive the likes of which has not been seen in decades. The cost of a barrel of oil from our infidel-hating neighbors has gone up roughly 7o cents in a year. Our economic "independence" is all but non-existent. The rising generation has no concept of work, saving, or waiting for anything. The cause of ALL these problems? Credit cards.

Yes. Credit cards. Let me explain.

How is the price of anything determined?
Supply and demand. When the demand increases, the price increases.

Why has the price of oil increased? Demand has increased.

How? I thought Americans were driving less because we're getting raped at the gas pumps?
We have a competitive buyer for the oil of the middle east.

Who? China.

China? Why China?
China has become increasingly industrialized over the last 50 years. They are building new factories every day. My cousin owns a couple.

How does China sustain all this new production?
We buy what they make. Do you know what you need to run factory machinery and to ship products that are made in China? Oil. We have, through a lack of self-sufficiency, created our own competition for middle eastern oil.

What do you mean?
I mean that those factories in China are making products that are bought by us. How do Americans pay for things? Most often, on credit. We are not self-sufficient. We rely on lenders to provide us with our wants and needs. America is either using imaginary money that it has no intention of ever actually paying back (we just transfer balances don't we?), to buy products we can't really afford, or is shopping at Walmart and Target.

What's the problem with shopping at Walmart and Target?
They get most of their products from China. That is why they are so cheap. I'm not saying I don't shop there. I do. I could scarcely afford to go anywhere else with a family this size. But, when we shop at Walmart and Target, do you know what is happening? We are killing the competition. The higher-priced American-based businesses are closing. The non-chains are dying out. We are cementing our dependance on China's production for us. We are driving up our own oil prices.

What happens when our debts get called in?
There is too much imaginary money "circulating" in our economy. When the debts get called in, the great depression is going to look like a short little recession. Due to outsourced production, America will be in the same bondage to the countries which manufacture our goods as its citizens are currently in to financial lenders. Presently, credit card companies routinely up their interest rates to around 30% or more when the customer begins to pay down a balance or stops making new purchases on the card.

What can be done?
Buy American. Shop at smaller/independent stores when you can. We SHOULD NOT outsource all of our production to other countries just because it's a little cheaper. That's called "putting all your eggs in one basket." Stop putting animals before people. All you Gaia hypothesis-tree hugging-animals are people too-folks need to realize that although plants and animals are special, we HUMANS have as much right to this planet as they do. We should not be stopped from drilling for oil in Alaska because there are carribou there. We HAVE our own oil. We do not NEED to pay what our infidel-hating neighbors are charging for it.

But what about global warming?
Yes. What about global warming? I'm all for responsible stewardship of the earth God has given us. I agree that we should not wantonly waste anything. I do not agree that fossil fuels and the use of electricity are making the earth hot. Ever play Sardines at night? When is it warmer in the hiding place? When you're the only one in there, or when 40 people have packed in with you? I say body heat is just as good an explanation for rising temperatures as "global warming". Think that sounds stupid?

The University of Arkansas's Assistant Director of the Center for Microelectronics & Photonics joins his voice with 400 other prominent scientists, disputing the myth that is global warming. Read it (and his links).

What about the rising generation?
The rising generation has been raised in an era when everything they've seen purchased has been bought on credit. Even those of us who have the money, use credit for major purchases because we need it to help our credit score. The young people of this country have no concept of saving money for a future purchase. They feel a strong sense of entitlement to whatever they want as soon as they want it. WE taught them this and it is NOT good character development. Money problems (which often arise from the errant use of credit and overexpenditure) are a leading cause of divorce. Divorce leads to lack of quality parent-child interaction as well as lack of supervision by parents when children come home from school. This is "related to adolescent drug use. Moreover, a lack of supervision and guidance can lead youth to seek acceptance from their peers, often plunging them headlong into delinquent behavior. “Increasing numbers of lower- and middle-income children are growing up with little or no adult supervision… Without hope for the future and a stake in society, they often turn to peers for attention and guidance; to easily obtainable guns for protection, security, and status; and to sex and drugs for comfort, relief of boredom, and sometimes for subsistence” (Stephens 1998:197). " Credit cards are one of the reasons our kids are killing each other. There are many factors for this, including video games and violent television/movies (which are often purchased on credit....) but I believe that credit cards definitely play a role.

We are an impatient, entitled, consumer-driven nation with little but a failing economy and an ever-increasing dependence on countries that hate us, to show for it. Use of imaginary "money" is weakening our country and is taking away our soveignty little by little. There is only bondage ahead unless we change things, become more self-sufficient, and only buy the things we can trully pay for.


Russ said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Kristy told me that you guys are making a trip to Albuquerque and were wanting recommendations on what to see/do. I understand that you have 6 kids, so I will make these kid-oriented.

(1) Albuquerque Aquarium -- very nice
(2) Balloon Fiesta Museum -- the only museum of its kind in the world
(3) National Atomic Museum
(4) Sandia Peak -- the tram is fun (but expensive for 8), but you can also drive up the east side through the National Forest

Day Trips From Albuquerque:
(1) Bandalier National Monument (Los Alamos)
(2) Bradbury Science Museum (Los Alamos)
(3) Acoma Pueblo (Sky City)

From Albuquerque, it is about 410 miles (~6 hours) to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Santa Fe is about 60 miles from Albuquerque and has the Georgia O'Keefe museum along with tons of other Southwest "artsy" stuff.

As far as inexpensive food for eight - Kristy says definitely take the kids to Dion's. It's a local pizza chain that is GREAT. (Poor Kristy has been dreaming about it since we moved. All I have to do is say "Dion's" and she starts drooling.)

The Coolest Allen Family said...

First off, I am not sure we can be friends anymore. Not because of the content of your post (because I truly believe it too) but because you are way too smart for me. One day you and I will be having a conversation and you will realize "Why am I friends with her? She is dumber than a box of rocks!" :)

I am really with you on the whole credit card thing. My spouse and I made some really bad choices when we were first married. We are still paying for those mistakes and we will be married 10 years in August.

Thanks for a great post. I admire you even more now!

valenzoo said...

Kudos my sweet friend. Well said! I'm on board with your global warming ideas. It's all a big joke. There is an elitest agenda behind just about everything including global warming, bio-fuels, the current food shortage, and don't even get me started on vaccinations and gmo foods!