Monday, December 10, 2007

Boys and Girls

I'm tellin' ya. The Chinese have got it right. Boys may be a thousand times easier to raise, but I will take a group of girls any day of the week... when I am cleaning the bathroom. I mean really, is it so hard to aim that equipment into a ten inch target from three inches away? Apparently. Right about now you're thinking that I am completely mixed up on my world affairs. China has boys, not girls. No. I am not confused. The Chinese have got it right, and this is why: they are headed to a point in their population growth where there will be 70 million unwed men cleaning up their own pee. And that is a beautiful thing.

(Before I get a bunch of comments from blog-surfers who don't know me, understand I am 100% against abortion/gender selection and I am not going to publish your politically "correct" comments either way, so don't bother.)

My Nephew, Slugger Jr.(3) wants an elephant for Christmas. A real one that goes, "(Insert sound effect here.)" When Cute Sister pointed out that an elephant might be too big and they would have no place to keep him, Little Slugger(3) generously conceded that, "it could be a baby." I thought that was pretty cute. I was telling Little Mommy(9) and Bubba(6) about this as we set the table the other night when The Pinkiest(5) overheard me. Her eyes got about as big as the dinner plates we were setting down and she exclaimed, "Well I want a GIRAFFE!!!"

This got me thinking about the kids' respective wish lists and I realized that no matter what Hillary Clinton and every other politically "correct" women's lib. advocate says, there are HUGE differences between boys and girls. Zoo animals seem to be the only common denominator (other than the elusive wii). My boys are all about cars and robots and things you can throw. My girls want barbies and ponies. You know. (The rhyme just started all by itself, I swear.) Anyway, none of my girls has ever asked for a fireman suit and none of my boys wants a "High School Musical" Sharpay doll. How there can be any confusion about this is beyond me.


Rick said...

Thank you for the kind support with you comment regarding my comment on Dawn's blog. I just happen to catch you mentioning my name.

I don't have as many children as Dawn does, certainly, but we're on the tail end of raising three girls. Only 1.5 year left till the last one goes off to school - listen for a long low sob coming from the NW.

Tiercy said...

aberjaber, I just love your perspective on things!! There have been many times I have been on my hands and knees lamenting the same did it it so hard to aim that quipment into a ten inch...; but, you, blessed with the wit and humor you have, have thought about the Chinese. I just would never have made that connection. Too funny. Keep blogging!

Tiercy said...

I forgot to mention that I was on my hands and knees cleaning toilets.

Not quite the Bradys said...

LOL!!! Yes. That IS an important distinction.

Tiercy said...

OMG - does that really sound as raunchy as I think it does???? That is too funny, and why it warranted the LOL. Yikes, note to self: must be more careful, check for innuendo next time.

Rebecca said...

You crack me up. Single Chinese men that clean up there own pee. So funny.