Sunday, December 2, 2007


Mr. Yuke(4): And then, after 500 million, comes 16!!!

Here's another number that's a big deal in our house:

That's the number for poison control. We have it on speed dial on my cell phone but sometimes, (more often than not, actually) a dead battery requires the manual dialing of it on the home phone.

We call that number a lot these days. It seems that Monster Truck(2) loves detergents. Anything with any sort of cleanser in it. In the last week and a half, he has drunk Little Mommy's(9) facial toner and eaten ten of the little center soap pellets of the electrasol power tabs for the dishwasher. We are not careless about dangerous things, but he has learned to open the child safety locks on the cupboards, the baby gate, and the front door. Really, the minivan is the final frontier and when that happens- well.... Be afraid. Be very afraid. Anyway, you would think that after the say, third or fourth dish detergent ball he would think to himself, Ewww. This is not so delicious. I think I'll go ransack the cereal cupboard once again. Yes, that would be much more yummy. But no. He just keeps eating them, presumably thinking that they'll start tasting better real soon. Maybe it's an aquired taste, like strained peas. And swingset chains. So we've called Poison Control so many times for that boy that the last couple times I have started to worry that CPS must have started building a case against us. He has gotten into more poisonous things than all his other siblings combined. There are only so many up high places we have in the house and right now they are reserved for things like percocet and transmission fluid. Fortunately, he was fine. The detergents didn't make him sick. We did not have to take him to the hospital, and we still had enough of them left to do the dishes. I guess no harm, no foul. He has gotten off extremely lucky, come to think of it. He has never had to go to the hospital. Not with the toothpaste (yes, it is extremely poisonous- we were at the hospital for 15 hours with the The Pinkiest for that), not with the Balmex, and not with the rubbing alcohol. That's why he's Monster Truck. Indestructable. Thank goodness.


Tiercy said...

okay, how sad is it that I knew waht that number was before you revealed it. I just had to call it too. My little Laney decided that the cold gel that we rub on her chest at night would taste good. YUK if you ask me. The guy at Poison Control said, "The bad thing is that this causes seizures, but the good part is that children rarely eat enough of it for that to happen because it doesn't taste that good." Seizures, no I couldn't have gotten something like being lathargic (spelling?). Once I had to take Ethan to the hospital for a possible tylenol eating session, oh, did I mention that he had a broken leg with a cute little green cast? I was just sure they were going to call CPS. We all have those incidents, don't we?

Carly said...

I can relate with my 1st son(4). He hasn't done it in awhile but in the past he's eaten a glycerin suppository (unused), a whole bottle of liquid tylenol which required an entire day in the hospital with blood testing and all, and he's also sucked the oil out of those plug in air fresheners. Recently I've caught him sniffing a Sharpee, but didn't call poison control on that one. And yes, 2 - 3 year olds can climb up to high cupboards, get through child proof lids and locks in just a few seconds.