Monday, December 10, 2007

Wii Triumph

Yes. We triumph- and then we weep. Tears of joy? No, although we ARE happy. No, tears for someone else. Husband got to That Store at 5:30 in the morning to wait in line in the snow for 4 hours until they opened. He was 5th in line. That Store gave out numbers and said they were going to let customers in one at a time. Only the first 48 people would be getting one. By 6:00am, there were already 50 people in line. They all froze in the blizzard until 9:25. Then the store employee came out and said, "Forget the numbers. Just run." Realizing Husband is such a big guy, the little old lady in line in front of him said, "You better make sure I get one." They opened the door and sprinted into the store. Husband blocked people and got one for the little old lady and also one for the little boy in line right behind him. Then he got one for himself. The scuffle was so intense that his store membership card broke into three pieces. So yay! He got one. As he was paying, he noticed one of those first three people in the line who got there at 5:00am standing there with a look of disbelief. SHE DIDN'T GET ONE. And someone who came at 9:28 DID. When Husband told me that, I cried. Poor woman. After all the hours I have spent living at That Store, I felt her pain and I cried. I called That Store and told them that even though I got one I was disappointed in how they handled it. So sad.


Tiercy said...

Way to go for your family! Yes, somehow wii are triumphing too this Christmas over at our house. Only it's through my in-laws, so there was no early morning trip to the store for us. I hope it is worth it! Have you ever "wiied"? Okay, I had to smile at that one as something else entirely came to mind.

Rebecca said...

Wow. Such violence! What store was it? I think we have a right to know. I am happy that your kids will have all their dreams come true. :) Love you.

Not quite the Bradys said...

It was Costco. The lady I talked to said they got "an email from the corporate office saying that [they] had to put them all out on the floor and it was 'first come, first served.'" I said, "Don't you think that getting there at 5 in the morning probably counts as FIRST COME?" She said, "the corporate office said that we had to put them all out on the floor and it was 'first come, first served.'" I was a little annoyed at her flipancy but I also recognized that it wasn't her fault and probably more than one person in that line who got screwed had already been yelling at her. I asked if there was any contact information for the corporate office so I could let them know that even though I got one, I was not a satisfied customer. She said there is an 800- number on the bottom of the receipt. I plan to call them in a day or two when I can figure out how to not sound like someone just looking for a fight. After all, I got one, right?